Yet another Norsepower Rotor Sail™ vessel is born!

On 2023-02-23, after a well-prepared, quick, and successful Rotor sail installation, Delphine (owned by CLdN) departed from the Rostock port towards the greener future. Delphine is the eighth ship to sail with Norsepower Rotor Sails™ and 17 units have now been delivered since 2014.

To make the event even more historic, Scandlines ships MV Berlin and MV Copenhagen were on the Gedser–Rostock fairway and Delphine sailed between them, so three ships with Norsepower Rotor Sails™ passed each other by. Norsepower is extremely proud of its innovative, trustworthy, hardworking team and thanks CLdN for understanding the fuel-saving and emission-cutting properties of our product. It is an honour to work with you – and we wish Delphine fair winds and seas!