Technical Information

Technical Information

Norsepower project services cover all phases from the case study and simulations to the actual delivery of the product. Each project is planned according to our client’s specific needs and preferences.

After commissioning, the Norsepower maintenance team will make sure that the product is always in optimal condition and ready to face the rough seas when needed.


We start the cooperation by familiarizing ourselves with your fleet

We select the vessels with the best business case by taking into account e.g. the sailing schedule, time at sea ratio, geographical operation areas, wind direction, and speed. Using our expertise, the global wind data and our advanced simulations, we then produce a case study. In it we estimate the fuel savings, emission reductions, and the payback times of the selected vessel(s). These initial estimates have been found to be extremely accurate when later compared to the actual, real-life business cases.

The optimal number, model, and locations of Norsepower Rotor Sails™ are based on the following vessel-specific factors

  • Available deck space
  • Aerodynamic properties of the vessel
  • Steel structures on and below the deck
  • Vessel stability
  • Cargo operations
  • Visibility from bridge
  • Radar and navigation light requirements
  • Safety requirements

The Norsepower Rotor Sail™ is the first commercially available auxiliary wind propulsion solution with a proven track record of successful operation since 2014. The key advantages of the product are:

Norsepower Rotor Sail™

A variable speed drive (VSD) controlled electrical motor is power by the ship’s low voltage network and spins the cylindrical rotor.

The product harnesses the wind and allows the main engine to be throttled back, saving fuel and reducing emissions. The speed will remain the same – and may even increase in some cases; for instance, with a Norsepower Rotor Sail™ on the SC Connector we raised the vessel’s top speed from 12 to 20 knots. It is now one of the most powerful sailing ships ever built.

The Norsepower Rotor Sail™ is around ten times more powerful than a conventional sail because more lift is produced by the sail area.


Foundations are used to mount Norsepower Rotor Sails™ to the ship's deck. The foundation transfers the load to the ship's hull, making it robust and stable. Manufacturing the foundation and the actual installation onboard is done by the shipowner and/or shipyard. Technical specifications for the typical foundation are provided by Norsepower. Installation of the foundation is most conveniently done during a regular maintenance docking.

Steel structure modifications and installation can typically be done in 7–14 days. If necessary, part of the work can be done during sailing. Automation system components (incl. sensors, Norsepower Control™ panel, optional monitoring panels) as well as the power and automation system cabling, are best installed while the ship is at a maintenance dock. If the maintenance docking period is short, part of this work can also be done while the ship is in operation.

Typical installation time, including completing of mechanical and electrical connections, is 6–12 hours per rotor sail when all other preparations are ready. In the installation phase, the product is lifted to the foundation by crane.