Bringing sails back

to shipping

260 000+ hours of operation 5 500+ tons of fuel saved 17 400+ tons of CO2 reduced

Our mission is to reduce the environmental impact of shipping through the commercialisation of innovative and modern sail power


The World’s Leading Wind Propulsion Technology

Norsepower Rotor Sails provide a reliable and easy-to-operate auxiliary wind propulsion system with a proven savings record. Norsepower Rotor Sails can typically reduce fuel consumption by 5-20%.

Various third-party measurement campaigns have proven the savings potential of Norsepower Rotor Sails and have been used to verify the Norsepower Performance Simulator
The Rotor Sails are highly automized to minimize the additional workload for the crew and to maximize the efficiency
Norsepower Rotor Sail technology is suitable for most vessel types: tankers, bulkers, cruise vessels, RoRos, RoPax vessels, general cargo vessels, and ferries
The solution has been tested in co-operation with leading classification societies to ensure that it is robust, durable and safe to use


Our Story

Norsepower was founded in late 2012 with a mission to reduce the environmental impact of shipping by providing efficient, easy to use, and reliable auxiliary wind propulsion for ships through its Rotor Sail Solution technology. The concept of Rotor Sails was first devised by Finnish inventor and architect Sigurd Savonius in the 1920s, concurrently with German engineer Anton Flettner.   Our vision is to set the standard in bringing sails back to ocean transportation, and empower shipping towards reaching the goal of zero carbon emissions.

Our Partners