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Norsepower CEO shares his perspective on how to view the payback of wind propulsion technology

In a written editorial for Ship Management International, Tuomas Riski, Norsepower CEO, highlighted how enabling ship operators to work smarter and more sustainably requires a full 360-degree view of innovation and efficiency.

“The clean technology market has often been characterised by investments in a single

technology with the value of the technology being largely based on its promised payback period.”

Yet, the greatest fuel and emissions savings are actually the combined result of operational strategy, optimised design and clean technology, says Riski.

He recalls how he sailed on the SC Connector, a roro fitted with Norsepower Rotor Sails. The captain and crew were taking advantage of wind forecasts when planning their voyages to increase the fuel savings already being generated by the technology.

Combining wind propulsion technology with other clean technologies such as optimised propeller technologies and power take off and take in systems deliver tangible value and economies of scale.

The SC Connector, for example, has multiple clean technologies including batteries and the Norsepower Rotor Sails working together to achieve optimal performance.

There isn’t time to install clean technologies one at a time and it doesn’t make sense to, says Riski. Taking a wider view will unlock opportunities to reduce emissions and increase return on investment. “There is huge potential to increase efficiency and profitability by combining our technology with other efficiency measures.”

“We need to challenge the conventional thinking around energy efficiency clean technology investment… A more holistic approach means we rewrite the rule book.”

Read the full article on page 43, here.