Maersk Pelican, Maersk Tankers
Vessel: Maersk Pelican
Owner: Maersk Tankers

Project partnership: Maersk Tankers, The Energy Technologies Institute (ETI), and Shell Shipping & Maritime

Installation: August 2018, Norsepower Two Rotor Sails 30x5

Two Rotor Sails were installed in August 2018 and are undergoing testing and data analysis at sea until the end of 2019. Two Rotor Sails 30x5 are expected to reduce average fuel consumption on typical global shipping routes by 7-10%.

“This project is breaking ground in the product tanker industry. While the industry has gone through decades of technological development, the use of wind propulsion technology onboard a product tanker vessel could take us to a new playing field. This new technology has the potential to help the industry be more cost-competitive as it moves cargoes around the world for customers and to reduce the environmental impact.”

Tommy Thomassen, Chief Technical Officer,

Maersk Tankers

Vessel data of Maersk Pelican (LR2) tanker

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