Photo credit: Sea-Cargo  

SC Connector

The world's first tilting Rotor Sails are also record breaking with their 35m height.   Technology

SC Connector

OWNER: Sea-Cargo

Route: North Sea   Installation: January 2021, Two Norsepower Rotor Sails 35x5   Two of Norsepower’s largest 35m tall Rotor Sails were retrofitted onto Ro-Ro operating in the North Sea in January 2021. They are predicted to reduce emissions by an estimated 25%.   The Rotor Sails onboard SC Connector are the world's first tilting Rotor Sails enabling vessel to pass under bridges etc. With this installation SC Connector became Norway´s largest sailing roro vessel and one of the most powerful sailing ships ever built.

In good wind conditions, the sailing hybrid vessel will maintain regular service speed by sail alone.

Ole SævildManaging Director, SEA-CARGO