Photo credit: Sea-Cargo  

SC Connector

The world's first tilting Rotor Sails are also record breaking with their 35m height.   Technology

SC Connector

OWNER: Sea-Cargo

Route: North Sea   Installation: January 2021, Two Norsepower Rotor Sails 35x5   Two of Norsepower’s largest 35m tall Rotor Sails were retrofitted onto Ro-Ro operating in the North Sea in January 2021. They are predicted to reduce emissions by an estimated 25%.   The Rotor Sails onboard SC Connector are the world's first tilting Rotor Sails enabling vessel to pass under bridges etc. With this installation SC Connector became Norway´s largest sailing roro vessel.

In good wind conditions, the sailing hybrid vessel will maintain regular service speed by sail alone.

Ole SævildManaging Director, SEA-CARGO