M/V Estraden

OWNER: Bore Ltd. (Spliethoff group)

Route: North Sea (The Netherlands – UK)   Installation:   November 2014, Norsepower Rotor Sail 18x3, November 2015, Norsepower Rotor Sail 18x3
  Based on verified measurements by NAPA, the Rotor Sail Solution reduces the fuel consumption and related emissions by 6.1% on the vessel's typical route.

We are proud to be the first shipowner to install the Norsepower Rotor Sail and demonstrate that wind propulsion technology has verifiable 5% fuel savings on a yearly basis, can be retrofitted without any off-hire costs, and is extremely easy to use in practice.

Jörgen MansnerusVP, Marine Management, Bore

Vessel data of M/V Estraden

Lenght OA162.7 m
Breadth25.7 m
Draught max6.6 m
Max air draught (with Rotor Sails)39 m
DWT (average in service)9700 ton
Cargo lane-meters2300 m
Propulsion power2 x 7240 kW
Aux power2 x 856 kW
Shaft generators2x 1200 kW
Service power11...12 000 kW
Service speed19 knots
Norsepower Rotor Sails2 Rotor Sails 18x3