M/V Estraden,Bore Ltd
Vessel data of Estraden


Vessel: M/V Estraden
Owner: Bore Ltd. (Spliethoff group)

Route: Rotterdam, The Netherlands – Teesport, UK


November 2014, Norsepower Rotor Sail 18x3,

November 2015, Norsepower Rotor Sail 18x3  

Based on verified measurements by NAPA, the Rotor Sail Solution fuel consumption reduction is 6.1%.

“We are proud to be the first shipowner to install the Norsepower Rotor Sail and demonstrate that wind propulsion technology has verifiable 5% fuel savings on a yearly basis, can be retrofitted without any off-hire costs, and is extremely easy to use in practice.”


Jörgen Mansnerus, VP,

Marine Management at Bore


"The two-sail installation is delivering the largest fuel saving of any efficiency technology NAPA has measured. We talk figures of Rotor Sails being effective 80% of sailing time, 460kW average propulsion boost and 1.5MW peaking for 10% of time".


Jouni Salo, NAPA


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