Ongoing projects

Norsepower has a strong project pipeline. New projects are ongoing and the next delivery is scheduled for Q4 2020.

SC Connector

OWNER: Sea-Cargo

Route: North Sea   Installation:   Q4 2020, Two Norsepower Rotor Sail 35x5,   Two of Norsepower’s largest 35m tall Rotor Sails to be retrofitted onto Ro-Ro operating in the North Sea are predicted to reduce emissions by an estimated 25%. The Rotor Sails onboard SC Connector will be the world's first tilting Rotor Sails enabling vessel to pass under bridges etc.

In good wind conditions, the sailing hybrid vessel will maintain regular service speed by sail alone.

Ole SævildManaging Director, SEA-CARGO

Our Story

Norsepower was founded in late 2012 with a mission to reduce the environmental impact of shipping by providing efficient, easy to use, and reliable auxiliary wind propulsion for ships through its Rotor Sail Solution technology. The concept of Rotor Sails was first devised by Finnish inventor and architect Sigurd Savonius in the 1920s, concurrently with German engineer Anton Flettner.   Our vision is to set the standard in bringing sails back to ocean transportation, and empower shipping towards reaching the goal of zero carbon emissions.