Norsepower Rotor Sails provide a reliable and easy-to-operate auxiliary wind propulsion system with a proven savings record. Norsepower Rotor Sails can typically produce 5-20% fuel savings.

Various third-party measurement campaigns have proven the savings potential of Norsepower Rotor Sails and have been used to verify the Norsepower Performance Simulator
The Rotor Sails are highly automized to minimize the additional workload for the crew and to maximize the efficiency
Norsepower Rotor Sail technology is suitable for most vessel types: tankers, bulkers, cruise vessels, RoRos, RoPax vessels, general cargo vessels, and ferries
The solution has been tested in co-operation with leading classification societies to ensure that it is robust, durable and safe to use

Norsepower Rotor Sails have several patented special features, which ensure their durability, safety, long lifetime, easy operations, and low maintenance costs. These features include:

  • Composite manufacturing technology, which ensures that the Rotor Sails are lightweight, cost effective, robust, reliable, and extremely well balanced  
  • Simple but effective patented mechanical construction, improving the reliability, maintainability, and overall lifetime costs of the Norsepower Rotor Sail Solution
  • Icing prevention and ventilation properties which enable operation of the Rotor Sails in various weather conditions – from arctic to tropic climates  
  • Patented automation system, which, after initiating with a push button start, senses whenever the wind is strong enough to provide fuel savings, at which point the rotors start automatically – optimising crew time and resource