Viking Grace

OWNER: Viking Line

Route: Turku, Finland – Stockholm, Sweden   Trial period: 2018 to 2021, Norsepower Rotor Sail 24x4   M/S Viking Grace is one of the most environmentally friendly cruise ferries in the global maritime industry. With the addition of Norsepower’s technology, the vessel was able to further reduce its emissions, fuel burn, and fuel costs; reducing carbon emissions by circa 900 tonnes annually; equivalent to cutting 300 tons of LNG fuel per year, making it the first-ever global LNG/wind electric propulsion hybrid ship.   During the first year of operation, measurement campaign was conducted to confirm the long term fuel saving potential. The work of three independent reasearch parties, ABB, Chalmers University, and NAPA was complimented with Norsepowers own force measurement analysis. It was confirmed that the Rotor Sail reduces power consumption between 207-315 kW equalling 231-315 tons of fuel every year, well inline with original target of the project. More detailed information on the campaigns is available here   The project was supported by Horizon 2020 program of the European Commission and the Rotor Sail was removed in 2021 after a successful fixed-term trial period.

This is a great day for us. As an Åland shipping company, we rely on the sea for our livelihood so it’s of prime importance for us to promote the well-being of the marine environment. We want to pioneer the use of solutions that reduce the environmental load.

Jan HansesCEO, Viking Line

Vessel data of Viking Grace Cruise Ferry

Lenght OA218 m
Draught max6,8m
GT57 565 ton
Cargo lane-meters1275m (cargo) + 1000m (cars)
Installed power4 x 7600 kW
Service power6...19 000 kW
Service speed13...21 knots
Norsepower Rotor Sails1 Rotor Sail 24x4