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Norsepower Rotor Sail Solution on Bore's M/V Estraden


Rotor Sails operating on board M/V Estraden at the North Sea (Alternative link to the same video)

Estraden with two Rotor Sails from port - web.JPG 
M/V Estraden with two Norsepower Rotor Sails 18x3 (High resolution picture)

Estraden Rotor Sail fore - web.JPG
Foremost Rotor Sail

Estraden Rotor Sail aft - web.JPG
Aftmost Rotor Sail

Laivakuvat Estraden roottori 493.jpg
M/V Estraden (with one Rotor Sail unit installed)

View from the Bridge - web.JPG 
View from the bridge with Norsepower Control Panel on the left

 Rotor Sail transport - web.JPG
Transportation of Norsepower Rotor Sail

Rotor Sail installation with crane - web.JPG 
Lifting of Norsepower Rotor Sail on the vessel


Vessel data of M/V Estraden
​Length oa162,7 m
​Breadth​25,7 m
​Draugth max​6,6 m
​Max air draught (with Rotor Sails)​39 m
​DWT (average in service)​9 700 ton
​Cargo lane-meters​2 300 m
​Propulsion power​2 x 7 240 kW
​Aux power​2 x 856 kW
​Shaft generators​2 x 1 200 kW
​Service power​11...12 000 kW
​Service speed​19 knots